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If my business could only have 1 system this would be it.

This system when done right:

- creates better clients
- makes it easy for your team to get shit done
- stops "bad" clients from entering your business
- makes your company look professional and creates a wow moment.

Who doesn't want that?

What is this magical system you ask?


I'll get to that, but first I wanna share a little story with you.

It was a Tuesday afternoon and I finally closed a deal to do some google AdWords for a big client.

I was over the moon to have closed the deal over the phone.


I even did a little fist pump woohoo!


At the time I had just hired my 1st employee.

I was excited as he was going to be doing the work on the account.

Not only had I just closed the deal but I was not going to be doing the work

Double Woohoo!


In the excitement of closing the deal I had forgotten to collect any details from the client.

So I called back to get some details.

No big deal. right?

Except when I called back I got some details, but forgot to get the billing info.

So I called back again to confirm who to billing details.

I thought to myself that was a little embarrassing..

The next day I passed on these details to employee and told him to start working on it right away.

He said "Sure, do you have a brief for me?"

I said "No, we didn't do a brief"

He said "How will I know if there are any keywords I should avoid or words I should not use or locations we can run ads?"

I said "owe F**K"


I had to call back a 4th time.

Straight away I could tell the client was not impressed when I called again.

I felt terrible after the call.

This big client was not going well at all...

I had just created a client who no longer trusted me or had any faith.


They began calling me every couple of days to check on things because I had made them nervous and set no expectations with them for what it would be like to work with me.


Eventually we did get over this but it was hard work and many many hours of communication that could have been avoided.


Can you guess what system would have avoided these problems?


An "On-Boarding" system.


If i had an on boarding system after I closed the deal I would have just had to follow the steps.




Here is a super basic example of what I needed

On-boarding system
1) collect login to google adwords account (and check they work)
2) get access to the client website
3) collect billing details and send invoice
4) explain how the reporting works and when they can expect to hear from me next.
5) give an estimate of when results will come and when
6) point out and explain any potential challenges (before they come up)
7) create a brief with client asking if we should avoid the use of any words or locations.




That i how simple a system can be.

(of course I would add some more details with what i know today)

If I had just had those 7 lines of text the relationship with the client would of been very different.


I would of had a client who was impressed with me and was super low maintenance.


The account would of been much more profitable!


We probably lost money on this account initially with how much time I was putting in...




Looking back, I should be saying thank you for this experience.

Without it I would never of become such a systems person.


Most people will never take the time to put their systems together.


Don't be one of them.


I have just given you a very real example how having a system can have such a big impact on your business.


My hope is this will motivate you to start taking your systems more seriously and see just how valuable they could be.


Take action on your systems.


The person who shows me 1 new finished system gets a session with me working on getting you out of your business.


Lets do this!


Also, join our group “Business Owner Society” so you can share any system you have implemented so far and get insights from other members.

Have a system that would let your team work independently so you can proceed with more important business matters (like developing strategies). Everything you need to know is in my course “Build a Business That Works Without You”.

Build A Company That Does Not Need You

Build A Company That Does Not Need You

Most Business Owners are in Denial, Are You?

Most Business Owners are in Denial, Are You?