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What Real Business Owner Do

What Real Business Owner Do

What does a successful business owner actually do?

I have been obsessed with that question for as long as I have been in business.

Not a week goes by when I don't think about it.

I have asked many business owners and mentors over the years and have read many books on the topic.

The reason I have been so obsessed with this question is that I believe that modeling is one of the keys to achieving success in anything.

Find someone who has / is / does the thing you want then model the thoughts, behaviors and actions to achieve the result.

If I can model someone who has the result I want, then I will get the result by default.


One of favourite quotes in recent times.
"Good artists copy. Great artists steal. Idiots reinvent the wheel."


I've been compiling my knowledge on this question for some time now and here is my list to date.

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The 7 common things successful business owners do:

1) They create the CLEAR vision for the business

2) They identify the gap between where they are now and where they want to be in that vision

3) They design a plan and build a machine to achieve the desired output

4) They allocate resources to the machine (people, time, equipment, tools, etc.)

5) They hire only the best people

6) They create the company culture

7) They use tangible outputs of the business to measure success towards the vision (They know their numbers)


Please note the very best business owners I have found only do this...

Is this what you do?


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